The Earth Ambassadors’ e-games / Community Adventure Makeovers

These community adventure makeovers are about extending a hand of friendship in a way that provides immediate benefit for local communities as well as sustainability and employment into the future. This is far more than simply repairing the aesthetics, it’s about mobilising local community around local community projects and environmental initiatives; it’s about networking these projects and initiatives locally, nationally and around the world in a way that results in sustainable long-term support for the facilities we have made over.

By way of a simplistic description, the e-games are a combination of the Amazing Race, Extreme Makeover and Adventure Sprint Racing – except this is not a race but an adventure of personal discovery that has an ambitious vision of helping build bridges within South Africa’s cultural diversity and giving inspiration and opportunity to tourism SMME’s in the townships.

The theme of the e-games is a universal one that can be summed up as, Walk a mile in my shoes, see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, then maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do, until then don’t judge me.

The e-games are a unique township adventure where two people from outside the township team up with two people living in the township and together, as a team of four they set out, on foot, along zip lines traversing over township barriers, abseiling down buildings, taxi rides and mountain biking routes. The township two will have the street smarts and the visitors will have the adventure experience. Their mission will be to lend a hand in renovating, and in some cases rebuilding community facilities that range from dilapidated children’s crèches, to communal food gardens, school classrooms and even hospice facilities – and have a whole lot of fun getting there.

Makeover Deliverables


Investment in the townships

We aim spend in excess of a MILLION rand at each of the community adventure makeovers to rebuild and renovate community projects (rebuilding Crèches, establishing community food gardens, clean up the litter, soccer fields etc.)

Community Funding:

Through TourismZA we will integrate the provinces tourism industry in a way that provides funding for community projects in the Freestate


Not only do we employ a significant number of people from the townships to help us deliver the makeovers, we also have teams learning to work with leather as they manufacture thousands of e-balls.

Training and education:

Through TourismZA we will integrate the provinces tourism industry in a way that provides funding for community projects in the Freestate

Entertainment and fun for 10 days:

From the little children who will receive free e-balls to the elders watching the proceedings to the teams that are actively rebuilding community projects there is fun and entertainment for everybody for 10 days during the community adventure makeovers.

Four municipalities will host e-games in townships around South Africa – 2017

For our project to come alive we need your support! Please consider sponsoring a star or two for e-ball